One of our representatives will be happy to contact you within 24 hours. For urgent needs call us at: 6784641712


Mobile In home Veterinary Care for all your pets needs. Large and Small Animal


Trip Fee: $85 in area (addtional fee outside of range)

Office Visit - $50

Exam Small Animal for house call/ each: $50

Exam Large Animal:  $65

Distemper/Parvo:  $25

Rabies 1yr:  $25  3yr: $67

Feline Leukemia :$35

Feline Distemper: $25

Heart worm test: $47 (test for tick disease as well)

Feline leukemia/ FIV/ Feline Heart worms: $47

Coggins (digital):  $42

Equine Rabies: $25

Equine EWT/RF: $62

Equine West Nile: $39

Dental Floats(equine): $95 (does not include sedation)

Dental for Small Animals:  $105 (does not include sedation)

Laser therapy: $30 first site, $10 additional sites

Spays/neuters canine: $90- 250 depending on weight

Spays Pigs: $200 +

Spay/neuter feline: $75 / 65

Neuter Goat: $85 (includes sedation)

In Home Euthanasia:

  • $275 owner takes care of aftercare
  •  $330 transport to cremation with group cremation
  • $315 transport only  Private cremation Owner will pay crematory also based on weight of animal. 

** Additional services provides. Please call for pricing estimates**